EV Charging Solutions

Accelerate EV Time to Market by up to 70%

By working with Solsta, we estimate you could reduce your time to market for EV solutions by as much as 70% – enabling you to take maximum advantage of the current window of market opportunity.

  • Design from scratch – the slowest approach, with inherent risk
  • Incorporate pre-designed modules – 30% potential time saving
  • Utilise boxed connectivity solutions – 50% potential time saving
  • Complete off-the-shelf hardware & software solution – 70% potential time saving

If your in-house team lacks the necessary expertise in integrating smart control, connectivity and charging management, this could result in critical development delays. You’ll need to decide whether it’s better to consider an outsourced solution. Working with the experts could eliminate these delays.

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Complete Hardware &
Software Solutions

We offer a complete hardware and software solution, which avoids development pitfalls and takes full advantage of our experience of external design partners in industry regulation and system security. IoT experts advise on the best fit for the requirements, ensuring that products are OLEV-ready and conform to the relevant standards and regulations such as the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) used across EV charging and central management systems from a range of vendors.

Pre-Designed Modules &
Finished Products

Incorporating pre-designed modules and finished (boxed) products can greatly accelerate the development process. By taking advantage of our range of processor modules, or SBCs which include memory, connectivity, power management and certified wireless comms alongside the processor, you can eliminate the need for time consuming IC level design, thus solving a dilemma if the IC-level design knowledge doesn’t exist in-house, and reducing the likelihood of a forced re-design should a critical component become unavailable.

Pre-Certified Communication

Pre-certified communication modules for any protocol – whether it be wide area cellular such as 4G or 5G, LoRa through to WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, can be provided with the use of finished, boxed solutions including routers and gateways. This guarantees a true ‘off the shelf solution’ with the fastest possible time to market.

We Can Help With


• 3G/4G/5G Cellular Routers
• 3G/4G/5G Cellular Modules
• Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Modules
• IoT Connectivity – NB-IoT,
LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M
• NFC Modules

Processing & Computing:

• Microprocessors
• Single Board Computers
• System-on-Modules
• Fanless Computing
• AI Computing
• Edge AI Computing

Display Technologies:

• TFT Displays
• PCAP Touchscreen with Cover Lens
• Optical & Tape Bonding
• Screen Printing
• Sunlight Readable Displays
• Customised Displays

Power & Control:

• Cables & Connectors
• PoE Injectors & Splitters
• Power Isolation
• Battery Packs
• GANFETs, Diodes & Rectifiers

Design Services:

• Hardware & Software Design;
Custom System Design,
Test & Certification
• Cloud Design & Support
• OCPP (2.0 & 1.6), Software
• Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

• Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
• Electric Vehicle Supply
Equipment (EVSE)
• Smart Charge Point
Communications Controller
• App Development
• IoT Security

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