Hi-Rel Optoelectronics

Excelitas Technologies offers innovative photonic technologies for Military and Hi-Rel applications. Excelitas products are backed with exceptional design, production, and test capabilities and decades of systems integration experience. Products are engineered to meet stringent performance requirements and operate in extreme environments.

Defence & Aerospace Sensors

Excelitas has over 30 years of experience providing sensors for the accurate measurement and detection of light, heat, motion, and distance in mission-critical military and aerospace applications.

Excelitas offers a wide range of emitters and detectors for laser ranging and designating and proximity fuzing and laser warning systems, including the EXACTD series, detectors, and pulsed lasers. Excelitas also offers terminal guidance detectors for precision guided munitions and laser spot tracking, as well as emitters for target acquisition, ranging, and designation.

Pulsed Laser Diodes & Arrays

Excelitas offers a wide variety of single channel and array variants of pulsed laser diodes, with central wavelengths at 905 nm and 1550 nm, and packages ranging from high volume SMD to hermetically-sealed, metal-can TO. Excelitas is able to deliver the right product for various applications including range finding and LiDAR.

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