GNSS Modules

Quectel Wireless Solutions has added two new high precision GNSS modules to its range of global IoT solutions.

Dual-Band Multi-Constellation High Precision LC29H

High performance, power-efficient solution to meet the requirements of high-precision positioning at the centimetre and decimetre levels. The LC29H modules are perfectly suited to robotics, UAV and industrial applications such as autonomous lawn mowers, drones, precision agriculture, micro-mobility scooters and delivery robots.

The LC29H concurrently receives and processes signals from all constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS), which in combination with the support of SBAS maximizes satellite signal availability. The module supports L1 and L5 dual-band signal reception, thereby ensuring that terminals can speed up convergence time, improve positioning accuracy, and achieve fast response times even when the signal is interrupted. The dual band design significantly mitigates the multipath effect experienced near high-rise buildings or in deep urban canyons, and provides reliable positioning performance.

The LC29H adopts a 12nm process, dual-frequency receiver chip and advanced low-power management, thereby enabling low-power GNSS sensing and position fixing. This makes the module an ideal solution for power-sensitive and battery-powered devices including handheld devices, asset trackers, and shared vehicles. Featuring an LCC form factor and an industry standard footprint size of 12.2mm × 16.0mm × 2.5mm, the LC29H series design allows for easy system integration and smooth migration of legacy designs to the latest high-precision GNSS technologies.

Compact Single-Band Ultra Low Power LC76G

The LC76G low-power version consumes less than 9mA @3V with all 4 constellations enabled allowing for a 72% reduction in power required than previously possible. This makes the LC76G extremely attractive for battery-operated ultra-low power GNSS devices such as wearable personal trackers, wildlife and livestock tracking, toll tags, portable container trackers as well as a host of traditional markets such as Shared Mobility and low-cost asset trackers.

The LC76G can concurrently receive and process signals from all constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS), which in combination with the support of SBAS greatly increases the number of visible satellites and enhances positioning accuracy. The LC76G module can receive signals from up to 47 satellites and achieve 1.5m (CEP50 open-sky) positioning accuracy representing a 40% improvement over previous generations of devices.

Featuring an LCC form factor and an ultra-compact size of 10.1mm × 9.7mm ×2.4mm, the footprint of the LC76G is compatible with other industry solutions as well as Quectel’s legacy L76 and L76-LB modules, allowing for a smooth migration of existing designs to the latest ultra-low power GNSS technology.

In this short video, Product Manager David Eldridge explains the advantages of leading edge GNSS solutions from Quectel, covering standard precision, high precision, dead reckoning and timing.

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