Gas Detection

Gas Detection - Thermopiles and Pyrodetectors

Excelitas offers a number of thermopile detectors and pyrodetectors for
gas detection and monitoring

Nondispersive infrared sensors (or NDIR sensors) are commonly used for gas detection. The NDIR principle uses a combination of a thermal radiation source and an infrared sensor. The selection of the source is determined by the required spectral range – the concentration of the target gas is measured by utilising its absorption properties in the infrared spectrum. The spectral sensitivity range of the detectors is defined by a filter window.

The Excelitas portfolio includes thermopile detectors equipped with specialised bandpass filters for gas detection e.g. TPiD 1T 0515-Gx, where Gx is one of the Excelitas gas filters. The devices employ chips with large absorber size and have very high signal output for optical gas detection.

The PYSxxxx detector range has been designed for gas sensing applications. They are available with a range of narrow band pass filters for various gas types, in combination with a reference filter. Features include larger element sizes to offer more signal for non-focused optical systems, additional EMI protection and thermal compensation for compensation of thermal effects caused by temperature changes of the housing.

The majority of pyrodetector users will need some form of lens to determine the beam pattern within their detection system. We offer a number of off-the-shelf lenses for pyrodetectors thanks to our collaboration with Polymer Optics, a leading supplier of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lenses and PIR lens design services to the security and lighting control industries.

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