Motor Control Virtual Seminar With Microchip

Date(s) - 10/09/2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Electric motors are everywhere, making our lives easier every day. They can be found in everyday home appliances and objects like washers, dryers, refrigerators, cars, fans, pumps, air conditioners etc. They can also be found in a huge number of other products such as medical equipment, where it is essential for them to run as efficiently as possible to consume less energy.


From the simplest to the most advanced implementation, each Motor Control application has a specific combination of requirements including performance, reliability, efficiency and precision; size, cost and time to market are also important things to consider. If you are working on a project that includes a motor, discover how our extensive array of products and solutions can help you implement the right type of control for your application.


Join us to see the options available to manage all types of motors; from using single system-on-chip (SoC) field programmable gate array (FPGA), Motor Control Unit (MCU) devices, to Analog products used in Motor Control designs. There are also different tools and solutions to consider including reference designs available through Microchip to spin motors.


Join Chris Bowers, a Field Application Engineer from Solid State Supplies, along with Alex Walsh and Enzo Lerose from Microchip for two hours of demonstrations and discussions on the art of Motor Contr

This seminar covers:

  • FPGAs
    Multi-axis deterministic motor control Implementation and demonstration. Showing design flexibility with modular IP suite.
  • MCU Devices for Motor Control
    Provide details about the full range of device available for MC applications
  • Tools, Solutions and Applications
    What are the latest SW, HW, Ref Des. and ANs available to spin a motor
  • Analog Part for Motor Control
    Details about analogue parts used in MC design
  • Functional Safety
    What are the main features you need to implement FuSa in MC applications


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