Power LED Seminar May 2019 – Redditch and Slough

Date(s) - 21/05/2019 - 22/05/2019
10:00 am - 4:30 pm



Date and Location:

Tuesday 21st May

Slough (Holiday Inn, Slough)

Wednesday 22nd May

Redditch (Solid State Supplies Ltd)



The focus of this workshop is around High Brightness SMT packages (3W-300W) in single and multi-channel applications. Relevant application areas would be Architectural, CCTV and Security, Chemical Analysis, Diagnostics, Entertainment and Stage Lighting, Licence Plate Recognition, Medical Illumination, Medical Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, UV Curing, Vehicle Lighting, and Machine Vision.

The workshop will explain relevant technical and commercial details for available LEDs, heat sinks, optics, driver ICs, PCBs. Further, it will be explained how bespoke solutions can be obtained in these categories.

The workshop is free-of-charge, and attendees will be provided with refreshments and lunch during the day.

Free WiFi access, stationery and training material will be provided.

Participants can discuss their own project, which we can help to design.



10:00    Coffee, registration and welcome

10:30    Session 1

11:30    Session 2

12:30    Lunch and Networking

13:15    Session 3

14:15    Session 4

15:15    Q&A

16:00    Close


Selecting and designing your optimal LED        

LED Engin an Osram business

  • General overview of LED families
  • Configuring your bespoke LED by means of Spectral Tool
  • Technical considerations for custom
  • Commercial considerations for custom

Optics and designing your optimal beam          


  • Far field, near field considerations
  • Mixing, uniformity, homogeneity: how to qualify this and how to achieve the desired spec
  • Radiation density: approaches for the overall efficacy of an optical system
  • Material choices (PMMA, Silicone): explanation of the aspects that can lead to the right choice
  • Beam angle, beam shape, contrast: define the key data to achieve the expected beam
  • Technical considerations for custom: essential input data and process workflow
  • Commercial considerations for custom: how to come to optimised costing

Thermal management and PCB technology for high power LEDs

Thal Technologies

  • LED Performance, lifetime and safety are topics that can be influenced by managing the temperature and PCB design.
  • A calculation example will be presented to make a first order analysis.
    Thermal interface material and heatsink properties and a selection for optimization will be explained.
  • Different PCB technologies will be presented with each its own properties for bespoke led module solutions.

Constant current drive electronics for LEDs      

Microchip Technology

  • Hybrid power designs
  • Demonstrating analogue, digital and hybrid (mixed) solutions for power conversion and LED lighting
  • “How not to design an LED driver”
  • Highlights experience gained on driver design, including poor component selection, PCB design, and the impacts on performance and EMC failures

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