Cellular Solutions for the IoT

Whether it’s wi fi on buses, real time CCTV monitoring, secure provision of digital signage content or massive IoT – many of today’s most challenging applications are only possible with the latest cellular solutions.

Where higher data rates and lower latencies are required, designers are looking to 4G and increasingly 5G networks. Our leading edge 4G and 5G modules, gateways and routers can help you to implement cellular connectivity, whether you are integrating connectivity directly into your own products or are looking for finished solutions.

If you want the infrastructure advantages of cellular but don’t need high data rates or low latency, you may wish to evaluate solutions such as NB-IoT, CAT M1 or reduced capability New Radio (RedCap NR). Call us and we’ll talk you through the implications.

Our product ranges include leading-edge solutions from some of the industry’s best providers:

4G Remote Connectivity Solutions

Digi Industrial Routers

Rugged, reliable network connectivity and remote management tools for heavy-duty applications

Digi Transport Routers

Specially designed for the transportation industry to support multiple requirements from one device

Robustel 4G Routers

Robustel’s Lite Industrial IoT routers are cost effective, rugged, compact and competitively priced.  Particularly well suited to BMS applications.

5G Leading Edge Cellular Solutions

What Does ‘5G Cellular Solutions’ Mean for Your Business?

5G promises near-instant retrieval of vast quantities of data and will transform communications in safety and time-critical applications

Inseego 5G Products

Inseego offers a range of 5G modems, routers and gateways. 5G is already enhancing mobile broadband and can transform applications such as intelligent logistics, environmental monitoring, waste management, smart grids, smart farming, video surveillance and remote device management.

The benefits of 5G include:

  • Standards – higher levels of reliability and resilience
  • High speed and low latency
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better connectivity – more devices in a given area
  • Advanced device management
  • Security – cloud supported, real-time detection

View our Inseego 5G product range

Quectel 5G Modules

As a pioneer of 5G IoT modules, Quectel offers a range of durable, secure and ultra-high performance modules plus a high-performance antenna portfolio.

View our Quectel modules

Build or Buy – How to Decide?

Digi has published a white paper which covers navigating the choice in detail – contact us for a copy.

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