ASUS Tinker Board Series

ASUS IoT Tinker Board series is an ultra-small, single board computer (SBC) that offers exceptional performance, mechnical compatibility and reliability. It is the perfect platform for a diverse range of commercial, industrial and IoT applications.

Key Features

Superior Performance Powered by ARM Processor

Embedded with the powerful multi-core ARM-based processor, the Tinker Board series delivers significantly improved performance and energy efficiency when compared to other SBC boards in the industry. The ARM-based Mali GPU makes it ideal for wide range of visual and audio applications such as digital signage, self­-service kiosk, gaming, Al vision comput­ing, object and face recognition, and more.

Industry-Leading Operating System Support

Engineered to run on both Debian and Android, Tinker Board series ensures powerful performance, system stability and trusted security.

Accessories for Easy Expandability

The Tinker Board series is expandible with accessories including the ASUS Tinker 2 Fanless Aluminum Case, ASUS MIPI Converter Board and ASUS PoE Splitter Board, and more. The platform also offers ready-made solutions for enhanced convenience and functionality.

Comprehensive Documentation & Support Community

The Tinker Board series benefits from an abundance of trusted tried-and-tested resources; from detailed documentation, open-source code and a thriving user community, its support community is ready and waiting to accelerate the development of any project.

Example Use Cases

Smart City

  • Surveillance
  • Public ecurity
  • Air Quality monitoring

Smart Retail

Logistics & Warehouse

  • Inventory Control
  • Package Tracking


Compare the Tinker Board Series

ModelTinker Board R2.0 &
Tinker Board S R2.0
Tinker Board 2 &
Tinker Board 2S
Tinker Edge TTinker Edge R
SoCRockchip RK3288-CG.WRockchip RK3399NXP i.MX 8MRockchip RK3399Pro
GPUArm® Mali™-T760 MP4 GPU@ 600 MHzArm® Mali™-T860 MP4 GPU@ 800 MHzGC7000 LiteArm® Mali™-T860 MP4 GPU @ 800 MHz
MemoryDual-CH LPDDR3 214GBDual-CH LPDDR4 214GBDual-CH LPDDR4 1 GBDual-CH LPDDR4 4GB
StorageS Model Only:
16132GB eMMC*
S Model Only:
16132GB eMMC*
1 x Micro SD (TF) card slot (push & pull)1 x Micro SD (TF) card slot (push & pull)1 x Micro SD (TF) card slot (push & pull)1 x Micro SD (TF) card slot
(push & pull)
Operating SystemSupport Debian 10/ Android 11Support Debian 10/ Android 11MendelSupport Debian 10/ Android 9
Dimension3.37″ x 2.125″ (85 x 56 mm)3.37″ x 2.125″ (85 x 56 mm)3.37″ x 2.125″ (85 x 56 mm)Pico-lTX, 3.9″ x 2.8″
(100×72 mm)

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