Quectel 5G Antennas

Quectel’s high-performance antenna portfolio boosts wireless connectivity significantly by offering the highest quality antenna and module products in the industry. Quectel 5G antennas suit a range of applications, with a choice of mounting options and both embedded and external solutions.

Quectel’s 5G high-performance antenna technology was developed in conjunction with their second generation 5G new radio (NR) modules to handle the increased speed, capacity and bandwidth demand of today’s growing networks. Offering both embedded and external antennas as well as combination solutions combining other protocols, these sub-6 GHz 5G antennas achieve excellent broadband performance, particularly at the lower bands.

The arrival of 5G is widely hailed as a true revolution in mobile technology, enabling myriad new smart solutions and connected services which would previously have seemed implausible. Unprecedented advances in data speeds and network capabilities are already enabling businesses to make wholesale operational efficiencies and create rich, new customer experiences. For example, near-instant retrieval of large amounts of data enables industry to modernize facilities by deploying high-resolution cameras with real-time video analytics, allowing them to monitor and understand almost every facet of their business, driving efficiency and innovation.

Range of Quectel 5G Antennas:






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