Lumineq®, renowned for its ultra-reliable rugged displays, has been innovating new display technology since 1984 and developed the world’s most transparent displays in recent years. Lumineq displays are inorganic, solid state displays made for tough environments. They can endure drastic temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibrations.

TASEL Transparent EL Displays

TASEL is a range of completely transparent electroluminescent displays from Lumineq. Transparent EL has exciting design possibilities in the retail, automotive and medical sectors and is being chosen for a wide variety of vehicles and transportation systems – including tractors, trains, trams and motorcycles. Lumineq transparent displays improve situational awareness of optical devices and vehicle safety by bringing dynamic information to the line of sight.

Just like standard EL displays, TASEL units are built for demanding conditions including cold, heat, wind, dust, vibration, sunlight and even G-Forces. These electroluminescent panels retain more than 75% of their original brightness after more than 100,000 hours of operation, making them ideal for a long term design.

This exciting technology is winning designs thanks to long lifetimes, high brightness, wide operating temperature range and ultra ruggedness.

TFEL Thin Film EL Displays

Lumineq TFEL Thin Film EL Displays

Lumineq® Thin Film Electroluminescent (TFEL) display technology is unique and unrivaled for embedded display solutions. The combined performance and visual characteristics of TFEL displays make them superior for image quality, product lifetime and reliability in the most challenging and demanding applications.

Lumineq thin film electroluminescent displays (TFEL) have been serving in critical applications in extreme conditions for the past 30 years. Rugged EL displays tolerate extreme conditions such as cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type.

The compact and solid-state design of TFEL results in a flat, reliable and inherently rugged display with an exceptionally fast response time of less than 1 ms, regardless of temperature. Lumineq TFEL displays exhibit the widest operating temperature range of any commercially available technology.

They offer excellent readability, long product life and long-term availability for a wide range of demanding applications – on land, at sea and in the air.